Tfc-toolset: A toolset to help manage a toolset that helps manage your deployments

I wanted to share a project of mine I had created to assist me with a few tasks related to managing resources in Terraform Cloud in case someone else may also find it of some use.

The main library (tfc-toolset) contains functionality for interacting with the Terraform Cloud API, and the CLI tool (tfct) implements the core library to provide a set of commands for managing workspaces, variables, variable sets, tags, and runs.
There is also an additional library (tfc-toolset-extras) that contains some additional functionality that I found useful, but didn't want to include in the core library.

This is a project in the early stages of development that I work on in my free time, so there are likely to be some bugs and missing features.
If you have any feedback or suggestions, please feel free to open an issue or PR on the repository.

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