Testing framework that provides "data provider"?

I currently organize my tests with first a collection/vec which represents the "inputs":

fn get_data_provider() -> Vec<Input> {
  let inputs : Vec<Input> = Vec::new();
  // push

Then I iterate over these inputs and for each I assert the result of some calculation:

fn my_test() {
  for input in get_data_provider() {
    let result = doSomething(input);
    assert_eq!(true, result);

It's is considered as "one test" only by cargo:

cargo test
running 1 test

I am looking for more granularity, where each item of the "data provider" / collection, is considered a single test, more precisely I am trying to reproduce what I learned a long time ago in PHP with phpunit testing framework which offers "data provider".

If you are aware of anything close to that?


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