Termit attack on TUI

Hi friends,

I've explored some ANSI TUI toolkits in Rust but grew rather disappointed. I don't feel like the ncursed way. I don't like the half way either. So I've partnered up with termites to take over :smiley:

termit-ansi is the first wave. I'm exploiting state machines for the job (the state pays, I benefit) so don't tell too many people. It is no_std and really down to mound.

I've tried to build on promising termion initially, but it panics like mad so no go.

Oh and I've tried the popular vte. I guess the author tried really hard to optimize the beast according to Paul Williams, but I can't make freaking sense of the code and what it's supposed to be doing with all those tables. If you run 10x faster, fair enough, but anything less is not worth it. That said I took a great deal of inspiration there.

Let me know your thoughts.

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