Tentacli asking for code review

Hi folks !

Recently I have published my app as library on crates. It is probably the first embeddable extendable console wow client in history (at least I haven't found any alternative).

Could you please code review it, probably there still a lot of points to improve: GitHub - idewave/tentacli: Rust implementation of world of warcraft client v3.3.5a (smart CLI) ?

this is probably one of the most well organized projects i had ever seen. i had a total of 0 issues in starting to read the code and understanding everything. but maybe this was a bit too organized? it feels like 30% of the code exists just to connect everything together, you have 30 mod.rs files and most of them contain 1-10 lines of code, and a ton of directories with 1-3 files. and most of your files didn't pass 100 lines, which is good in some cases, but in your code most of these files contain 1-2 structs/enums and their implementations. having 1000~ lines of code in 1 file is also bad, but you don't need to be afraid of having a moderate sized files. for example, maybe you should try and connect the small similar files like encrypt.rs and decrypt.rs, or connect all of the files in the Error directory (every file is 10 lines max) into 1 medium sized file? i really recommend for you to do that, it would make the developer experience way nicer


That's a good point !

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