Tendermint + Rust = Pure Joy


If you want to explore the power of blockchains from the safety of rust, now is your chance. Keep reading.

This announcement is about blockchain technology and rust. Currently the most widely used ethereum client is written in rust and that is for good reasons, such as safety, concurrency and raw speed.

You might have heard of a project called Tendermint, which will be the next step in the evolution of blockchains and cryptocurrencies. The reason for this is, that tendermint allows almost all blockchains to interoperate and gives everyone the ability to write their own blockchain app in their favourite language. This is possible because the tendermint core engine, which is responsible for P2P networking and consensus communicates over a simple protocol called ABCI with the app, which can be written in any language.

Today, I am happy to announce that we have just released version 0.1.0 of the rust-abci server implementation in Rust. This library allows you to easily write blockchain apps (or anything which needs a decentralised and fault-tolerant database) in Rust.

Updates to the library are already in planning, the first one being to support websockets instead of just GRPC.

Here are some ideas for apps that you could build in rust on top of the tendermint blockchain.

If you have any questions or need any help, please join me on slack (my username is @adrian), post here, or write me an email (adrian@tendermint.com). But honestly, I would prefer not to get any emails.


Also, I shamelessly adapted the Code of Conduct from rust-lang for tendermint.


I think your “ideas for apps” link is broken. https://github.com/tendermint/tendermint/wiki/Potential-ABCI-apps.


Thank you for noticing. I have moved them to our public wiki. I mistakenly linked the only internal wiki before. :slight_smile:


I think your ideas for apps link is still broken. It asks me to create a new wiki page.


bbigras has the correct link in his post:

The link in adrianbrink’s post has some extra garbage in it:

Looks like a bad clipboard paste in this thread, not on the github repo.


Okay, the link for potential apps is finally fixed.

Also, the crate now lives in crates.io.