Tauri or Dioxus?

Hi all,

I am starting a project that will require a web front end and a desktop application. I guess the concept is similar to Discord where the web UI and desktop ui is the same.

I have very little experience with GUIs and am looking for some advice on which of the two to choose from, Tauri or Dioxus.

If you have experience with web development, and your Web version will be a typical HTML/CSS/JS webapp, then Tauri will be a good fit. You can treat it just like a web browser.

One thing to watch out for is that Tauri is in the middle of migrating from v1 to v2.

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Dioxus uses Tauri for desktop builds. See: Dioxus | Getting Started | Desktop overview

Clearly both can be used together. They each have different goals. Tauri is a web-app host, like Electron. It bundles a web-view and some platform abstractions. Dioxus is a web frontend framework. It lets you interact with the DOM.

There are alternatives to Tauri and there are alternatives to Dioxus (and some suggestions could be provided if you were interested). But these two specifically are not interchangeable.