Targeting Onion Omega2 (MIPS32) on Windows



I recently received my Omega2 ( ) and figured that it would be a good playground for Rust. The Omega2 is MIPS32 based (running BusyBox). After searching a bit i concluded that i should probably be targeting mips-unknown-linux-gnu. Using rustup it was easy to get that target installed. However, when i try to use cargo build to target that platform it complains that i cannot find cc.exe which i suppose is fair enough?

What toolchain should i install to get this working? Is it mingw?


MinGW is for targeting Windows. In this case you’re not targeting Windows, but you are targeting some sort of mips linux thing, so you’ll need to compile a cross compiler (gcc + ld) because I doubt there’s an existing prebuilt version you can use (I hope someone proves me wrong though). There’s guides on the internet about how to create a cross compiler, although because your cross compiler will need to run on Windows, you’ll still need MinGW to compile the cross compiler.


Thank you for the reply. I haven’t tried cross-compilation and i am new to the rust tool chain, so i wasn’t sure what things were included with rust when a target was installed.

Is xargo the place to start?