Tagging note files: `order tag` vs `sort tag`

I am developer of the note-talking tool Tp-Note. It uses the file system to store notes, with prepended tags, e.g. 20230515-French Fries--howto.md. So far, the Tp-Note documentation refers to the tag 20230515 as "sort-tag" (= Sortierkennzeichen in German). It seems my translation is not right. Is the term order tag more appropriate? There are 2 variants: chronological sort/order tag and sequential sort/order tag. Are you English native? Please comment which term is more accurate. Or, is there a better word?

Not a native English speaker, but I put "Sortierkennzeichen" in DeepL and it translates it as "sorting indicator". If you translate "sorting tag" to German, it gives "Sortierkennzeichen". When I translate "order tag" to German, it gives me "Bestellkennzeichen", which has a completely different meaning than "Sortierkennzeichen". I personally think "sorting tag/indicator" is pretty clear. Actually clearer than "order tag", because "order" has a lot more different meanings than "sorting". If I didn't know that you are talking about a note-taking app, the first thing that would pop into my head when I hear "order tag" would be the number that is given to me by an online-shop once I finished ordering something. Which—for those that don't speak German—would be the meaning of "Bestellkennzeichen".


Thank you