System requirements

Hi! I’m a developer and have got interest in IoT and for that I want to learn Rust so kindly anyone tell me what are the system/computer requirements to install rust. Kindly write down the spec in detail and also how much will it cost to get that system?

Hope you seniors will reply me

In general, most computers will work, with (In my experience) the easiest to get working being a linux computer, but I use a windows computer on a daily basis.

Realistically, if you’re compiling a game (With lots of optimization requirements) or a huge project (Such as rust) then perhaps a beefier computer would be better, but in general most specifications would suffice. In fact I’ve gotten rust to work on android using termux and arch for termux, but it’s rather uncomfortable to use.

So chances are whatever you’ve used to type out this thread might work.

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