Symbolic math with Rust export?


I have a complex function of many variables, for which I want to take all kinds of derivatives and then implement them in Rust. To do this by hand is lots of tedious and error-prone work, so I'm wondering if there are any tools available?

The function itself consists of basic functions like exp() with basic math operations.


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Does it have to be Rust? Julia has the Zygote.jl package, which supports really cool automatic differentiation, even in the complex realm.

I'm not very familiar with complex differentiation, I only remember that it becomes really complex (pun intended) for non-holomorphic functions (like f(z) = z + |z| for example), where you don't have a single analytical derivative when deriving for df/dz, but two partial derivatives, one for z and one for the conjugate |z| (the wirtinger derivatives).

I got stuck there when I was trying to generalize the interior distance rendering algorithm (requiring us to compute the derivative df/dz) from the mandelbrot set z^2 + c to other fractals, like the tricorn |z|^2 + c (again not holomorphic).

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Sorry, I wasn't clear: I meant complex as in complicated, not as in complex numbers.

That's what I suspected.

This is called automatic differentiation, and there are quite a few libraries for it. A search on shows some promising, mature-looking results:

  • autodiff
  • dfdx
  • gad

Thank you for finding these crates! I don't think they offer the export to plain Rust, though.

What I'm looking for is this: for automatic differentiation, you usually need fat expressions, i.e. lots of enums or dyns to cover the different types of operations. I want to be able to get the expressions as plain code I can compile.

In this case, you'll probably have to roll your own. It's not difficult though, if all you want is that functionality.

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