Sweden / other beginners in Skåne

Hi/Hej! By any chance other beginners here from Skåne, Sweden? Anyone interested in some kind of study circle (studiecirkel) on Rust? I mainly try to learn JavaScript (student) but I am interested in Rust and want to learn more. Over, out. /Claes-Magnus


I’ve recently moved to Stockholm. :slight_smile: It’s not Skåne, but it’d be nice to meet with other Rust programmers.

Gah! Too bad! Otherwise we could’ve meet and taught each other Rust! :slight_smile:

You’re from Budapest!? Beautiful town. :slight_smile: Big welcome to Sweden! :slight_smile:

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Yep, I’m from Budapest.
Anyhow, Skåne is only a few hours by train, so still not impossible to arrange something a few times. :wink:

True! :slight_smile:

What do you do in Stockholm btw? Why Rust? I’m a frontend student - had a hard time finding jobs with my previous degree and finally decided to re-school to programmer. One of my best decisions ever: I LOVE PROGRAMMING! I got the advice that another lang could help be to be a better JavaScripter and since Rust is not totally foreign to frontend (WebAssembly) I thought, hey great! And it’s so much fun… BUT I MUST WARN YOU: I am VERY MUCH a beginner in Rust, don’t have the time to make quick progress (trying to be a good student) :slight_smile:

Well, my Rust/programming story is kinda weird… I used to be a design engineer, but had an arm injury so I can’t draw on paper anymore. I started digital arts and wanted to contribute back to some OSS so I started learning python. I’ve enjoyed coding so much that I switched my studies to mechatronics so I can keep my mechanical engineering courses and do some more programming. I’ve started to look at Rust as an alternative to C in embedded/robotics use. Aaaaand during bachalores I got a job as a software engineer. Right now I’m about to start my masters at KTH in information and network engineering while I also work at the Swedish site of the company.

Don’t worry, I don’t consider myself and expert either. Just good enough to finally contribute back to the rust community. :slight_smile:


Hi people. Previous Rust meetup took time a year ago and maybe if there is anyone with real world experience willing to mentor a new event we can come together for a newbie hack night?

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