Surprising behaviour of Path.join

I have a:
let current_path:&Path = "/home";
let selected_item:String = "/tom";
let full_path = PathBuf::from(current_path.join(&selected_item));

full_path here will be after join /tom not as I would expect /home/tom.

What's going on?

This surprised me too, but it's documented behaviour:

From PathBuf in std::path - Rust

If path is absolute, it replaces the current path.

Note that "/tom" is an absolute path.

BTW join() returns a PathBuf already, so the PathBuf::from is not needed.

Hi, thanks for the reply.
Surely this API is poorly designed.
Anyway, so how to achieve joining those two paths together ?

Don't put a leading / in selected_item.

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It's the same reason why typing cd /tom in the /home moves you to the /tom not /home/tom


Hehe, sure, but it is there as it indicates a dir instead of just a file. I can surely remove that during the process of assembling the new path but that is something I would really like to avoid and have library do it for me. Is there a way to construct that new path just using rust types provided or do I really have to manually check for a char and if char is / remove it? This seems so C/C++, something that I wanted to avoid in Rust.

Generally, you would indicate a directory with a trailing slash rather than a leading slash.

Where do you get these paths from?


I'm working on file manager, something similar to mc.
But your comment about trailing slash made me think and perhaps I'll redesign so I have trailing slash not leading.
Thank you

Using trailing slashes for directories indeed sounds like the best solution here.

In general, I do not find Rust's behavior here problematic. Joining two absolute paths doesn't make that much sense.


Couldn't agree more!

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