Suprisingly wordy HashMap building with async


I'm writing a function that will fetch some info about each of elements passed it and return it as a map. I got it working but it seems super wordy for what it does. I struggled with collect doing the right thing and ended up with extra .into_iter().collect() just to deal with things one a the time (first to pull Result<> and then to actually collect into HashMap).

Can this be done cleaner?

pub async fn get_node_info_map(&self, nodes: &[String]) -> Result<HashMap<String, (String, String)>> {
    let node_info = nodes.iter().map(|node_id| async {
        let node_id = node_id.clone();
            .map(move |r| (node_id.clone(), r))

    let ret = join_all(node_info)
        .filter_map(|(k, v)||v| (k, v)))
        .collect::<HashMap<_, _>>();


pub async fn get_node_info(&self, node_id: &str) -> Result<Option<(String, String)>>

As always, itertools has an option.

     let ret = join_all(node_info)
-        .collect::<Result<Vec<_>>>()?
-        .into_iter()
-        .filter_map(|(k, v)||v| (k, v)))
-        .collect::<HashMap<_, _>>();
+        .filter_map_ok(|(k, v)||v| (k, v)))
+        .try_collect()?;

You could replace this with try_join_all(node_info)?

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