Suppress warnings from the cargo command?


Is it possible to invoke cargo build, cargo test, cargo bench, etc with a flag that instructs warnings to be suppressed (e.g., cargo build --no-warnings)? The warnings are great, and I don’t want to suppress them indefinitely (e.g., using code annotations), but having a long spew of warnings when I’m trying to run a benchmark gets in the way and makes it a pain to scroll back and compare benchmarks against one another.


You could set RUSTFLAGS=-Awarnings to allow all. But it’s a little inconvenient because any change to RUSTFLAGS causes everything to rebuild.


Ah gotcha. Well better than nothing; thanks!


Would cargo rustc work in this case? That’s the difference between it and
RUSTFLAGs; it doesn’t apply the flags to all crates, only the current crate.


I’m not sure what you mean - as in, invoking it as RUSTFLAGS=-Awarnings cargo rustc as opposed to RUSTFLAGS=-Awarnings cargo build?


I think cargo prints warnings to stderr; so on linux, I’ve been able to do, e.g.

cargo test 2>/dev/null

to redirect stderr, and that seems to work (shows only the results, not the warnings).


Redirecting to /dev/null is certainly an option if you know there are no errors, but otherwise won’t it redirect errors as well?


Yeah, it does hide the errors.

EDIT: If you mean failed test results, those are printed to stdout and still show up when redirecting stderr.

I usually run a cargo check or cargo build before running tests, so if there are any errors outside the test code, I won’t proceed to running cargo test 2>/dev/null.

(If there are errors in the actual test code, then cargo test prints the Build failed, waiting for other jobs to finish... message even when stderr is redirected.)


cargo rustc – -Awarnings


Fair enough.