Support for CortexM55

Hi everybody

I did work already worked for ARM Cortex M4 Processors. E. g. I did the
Port to STM32L4 to MicroPython ( Now I
would like to know how good supported the latest Architectur of ARM,
the M55
(Cortex-M55 – Arm®) is
supported for this Architucture. For information M33 is based on the
TrustZone for Cortex-M33, a System-wide hardware isolation for trusted
software. TrustZone creates an isolated secure world to provide
confidentiality and integrity to the system, protecting your chip from
software attacks.

This feature would match perfect with with the claim of Rust to build a
secure System. We would have to create a crate (?) which would support
the secure assembly instructions.

Are there any actions regarding this topic?


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