Suggestions on crates for hmac_md5?

I've searched for a while, and it seems that the most recommended crate is ring. However it doesn't serves native md5 digest, while the hmac-related function requires a native one.

I've also tried hmac crate, which supports sha256 in it's example. Unfortunately the interface seems to be incompatible with md5 crate.

Any suggestions on it?

You can use the md-5 crate. Unfortunately the maintainer of the md5 crate has refused to be compatible with RustCrypto crates, so situation is more confusing than it could've been...

BTW I hope you are using HMAC-MD5 strictly for compatibility reasons?

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To make it clear, "md5" is not compatible with RustCrypto family, but "md-5" is written by RustCrypto team so it's compatible with them. You can use the latter with "hmac" to obtain hmac-md5 functionality.

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Yup, I know that MD5 is never safe again. It is for compatibility reason. Thank you for reminding.
I'll check md-5 later.