Suggestions for prototyping / dev-board for research buoy?


I was wondering if anyone has suggestions for a prototyping / dev-board that might be suitable for a low-power / battery-powered buoy that will drift in the ocean. I am currently using Sparkfun Redboard Artemis with Ambiq Apollo 3. I have written a HAL for it myself, which was fun enough - it also works with probe-rs with this patch. But I was wondering if there might be any alternative boards with more complete HALs?

I'm looking for a board with:

  • several I2Cs, SPI,
  • possibility of attaching debugger (I am capable of soldering on the header if needed).
  • preferably cortex-m based.
  • at least 350 kb RAM, preferably more
  • at least 400 kb FLASH
  • > 30 MHz: Need to sample pretty quickly and run a kalman filter + do some FFTs.
  • low-power: its going to be battery-powered

please let me know if anyone has any suggestions!


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