Suggestions for a generator?

I've found a couple cargo-readme and carco-sync-readme, both of which appear to be unmaintained, based on PRs more than a year old with no response from the maintainer. Does anyone have suggestions as to the best way to generate a from your doc comments?

For context, I just spent a half hour or so getting cargo-readme running, only to find that it generates an incorrect URL for github action badges. When I went to create a PR to fix that (it's not hard) I discovered that it appears unmaintained for three years or so, suggesting that the URL will not get fixed. It would be nice to use a tool that I know will be at least fixable without maintaining my own fork.

I don't know any tools like this. Would the other way around be an option for you? I.e. write a and use this as your doc comments? This would be as easy as adding

#![doc = include_str!("../")]

at the top of your file. I never had any compatibility issues with this approach.


That's way better, thank you!

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