Suggestion to new Rust fun

I'm new to Rust, I have about two years of tech and programming experience.
What is your suggestion to a Rust newcomer? Please guide me to this journey to I become successful Rust programmer.

Read some of the more general (i.e. comprehensive) documentation such as Rust by Example, or The Rust Programming Language. These will be your guides to learning the Rust Programming Language!


Hi @tt-abdulhaq,

If you have some project in mind, write it in Rust. You will run into problems, and will find a way to solve them. We have a chance to apply what we learn, the knowledge will become ours.

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Follow Learning Rust. Also, if you have some personal projects written in one of your other languages, then try rewriting it in Rust. That's what I did, and you learn by getting stuck along the way.

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