Suggest adding wiki

the content of book is messy
suitable for beginners
but not suitable for finding language features
and the content of reference is too simple
and the user does not need to know how to implement rust compiler

hope to have a wiki like MDN to describe language features

Some similar

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You are correct that the book was written as a narrative introduction to Rust, not as a reference volume.

Your idea sounds neat! I bet if you started such a wiki, even just with the language features you wished were described without the actual descriptions, and then posted it around, that people would help fill it in.

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I think this is a good idea! Speaking from experience, MediaWiki is pretty easy to set up. As Carol said, just getting a list of topics would go a long ways. Should that be done before setting up the actual wiki? would make sense as a domain as well.

This sounds like something that would start off being worked on independently, then when the community feel it is at a point where it should be supported officially you can ask to move it to the domain.

I second this. I know I'd be happy to add a couple pages.


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