Suddenly unable to run exe

Hi, i have a small http server project and i am aligning to a rust udemy course. Suddenly, after adding some debug annotations, i am not able to run my project anymore.

I am on windows. cargo run works an creates all necessary files in target/debug
When i try cargo run i get the following error:

$ cargo run
    Finished dev [unoptimized + debuginfo] target(s) in 0.01s
     Running `target\debug\server.exe`
error: could not execute process `target\debug\server.exe` (never executed)

Caused by:
  Zugriff verweigert (os error 5)

What happens? the 'server.exe' is deleted when i try to run with cargo. It gets even deleted, when i double-click on the server.exe. My antivirus program is not mentioning anything.

It is this code, where i do changes. This is the way it runs and i have no problems:

match Request::try_from(&buffer[..]) {
                                Ok(request) => {
                                Err(e) => println!("Failed to parse a request: {}", e)

And when adding the request-variable inside the dbg!-macro, it can't run the programm anymore but instead the server.exe gets deleted:

match Request::try_from(&buffer[..]) {
                                Ok(request) => {
                                Err(e) => println!("Failed to parse a request: {}", e)

The request is this struct:

pub struct Request<'buf> {
    path: &'buf str,
    query_string: Option<QueryString<'buf>>,
    method: Method,

Does anyone know, why this problem occurs?

This is almost certainly your antivirus.


I tried the code on an Ubuntu virtual machine and it works perfectly. It really looks like an antivirus problem...

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