Suddenly compliation of rustix dependency stops working

I'm trying to compile this app on branch main/973ab7b. The program compiled on CI 10h ago but locally I get:

error[E0432]: unresolved import `crate::backend::vdso_wrappers`
  --> /home/holtgrem_c/.cargo/registry/src/
46 | pub(crate) use crate::backend::vdso_wrappers::sched_getcpu;
   |                                ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ could not find `vdso_wrappers` in `backend`

Removing target/, ~/.cargo and ~/.rustup and reinstalling did not help.

What could be the reason?

Rustix 0.38.22 was released 11 hours ago, maybe that made the difference?

Yes... thanks.

This in Cargo.toml fixes it:

rustix = "=0.38.21"  # pin

Hmm, if the new version breaks it, that may be an issue in rustix. I'm not at a PC and can't look into it, but if you think so, too, consider opening an issue, I guess.

just did, thanks again

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Looks like a fix has been released. I'll make this topic as solved ^^

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