`structopt` and crate readme/docs.rs documentation

I am a big fan of using the structopt crate for cli apps. I typically annotate my top-level options struct with a doc comment to define the help text for the app; this is also often what I would want to use as the contents of the README.md associated with the crate, or the top level documentation generated for docs.rs. Tools like cargo-readme are good for generating a readme from module doc comments, but doesn't pick up the documentation on the struct deriving StructOpt.

Is there a clever way to utilize a single comment block both for the help message associated with structopt usage, and will be picked up as top-level documentation for a README.md or docs.rs?

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maybe not the most elegant way, but you could write a build.rs file that scrapes the doc comment from your main.rs file and puts it into the readme

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