Struct field: iterable value over string-ish values?

To accept an iterable over string-ish values in a function or method, I’d use something similar to this:

// std::process::Command
pub fn args<I, S>(&mut self, args: I) -> &mut Command
    I: IntoIterator<Item = S>,
    S: AsRef<OsStr>,

Is it possible to achieve something as elegant for structs? My current version:

lazy_static! {
    pub static ref LANG_DEFS: HashMap<String, LangDef> = HashMap::from([
            LangDef {
                filename: "".into(),
                command: vec!["cargo-play".into(), "--quiet".into(), "*.rs".into()],
pub struct LangDef {
    pub filename: String,
    pub command: Vec<String>,

I’d like to keep my options open w.r.t. String, so &'static str is not an option.

Edit: Never mind, it’s just a matter of implementing a constructor LangDef::new().

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