Stream of arced trait object leading to higher-ranked lifetime error in tokio::spawn

I am trying to use tokio::spawn to send a stream Stream<Item = Option<Arc<dyn Array>>> to an Arrow Flight endpoint. However, the passing of the stream to the Flight client gives me a high-kinded lifetime error of which I do not understand the source.

See below for my code (and a repo here: GitHub - nielsmeima/arrow-flight-tokio-higher-kinded-error).

use arrow2::array::{Array, MutableArray};
use arrow_format::flight::{data::FlightData, service::flight_service_client::FlightServiceClient};
use futures::stream::StreamExt;
use std::sync::Arc;

trait MyTrait {}

async fn main() {
    let mut client = FlightServiceClient::connect("http://localhost:50051")

    // does not work
    let stream = futures::stream::iter::<Vec<Option<Arc<dyn Array>>>>(vec![]);

    // also does not work...
    let stream =
        futures::stream::iter::<Vec<Option<Arc<dyn MyTrait + Send + Sync + 'static>>>>(vec![]);

    // but this works... what makes it that dyn error the lifetime of tokio spawn here?
    let stream = futures::stream::iter::<Vec<Option<Arc<()>>>>(vec![]);

    let fut = async move {
        let mapped_stream =|_| FlightData {
            flight_descriptor: None,
            data_header: vec![],
            app_metadata: vec![],
            data_body: vec![],

        let result = client.do_put(mapped_stream).await;
        println!("{:#?}", result);


However, this leads to the following error:

higher-ranked lifetime error could not prove for<'r> impl futures::Future<Output = ()>: std::marker::Send

I have a hard time understanding why fut would not be Send for the lifetime 'r. I found the main cause of the error to be the use of trait object as the Item of the stream (changing to a concrete type removes all errors).

I have two questions:

  1. Why does the use of trait object (dyn Array or my own trait dyn MyTrait + Send + Sync + 'static) cause the compiler to be unable to prove for<'r>... : Send. My best guest would that the map causes type erasure (since it consumes Option<Arc<dyn Array>>>) making it impossible to proof Send for the mapped_stream. Is this the correct direction?
  2. How can I help the compiler? Or am I misunderstanding lifetime and/or trait object concepts here and should I take a different approach?

Thanks in advance!

Many of these crates aren't available on the Playground. Could you post a minimal version that demonstrates the relevant error on the Playground? If I try to reproduce it on RustExplorer by stubbing out the still-missing types, all three versions compile.

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