Storing channel in struct without closing

Hello, I'm new to Rust and I'm facing some problem with a little code I'm writing.
Currently I'm doing a "WorkersHandler" which creates a channel and spawns multiple threads that writes into that channel.

This is an overview of my code (not all included to make for a more compact post)

let mut hash_handler = authorization::HashWorkersHandler::new(1);

use std::sync::mpsc::{SyncSender, Receiver, sync_channel};

pub struct HashWorker {
    id: i32,
    tx_channel: SyncSender<String>,
    running: Arc<AtomicBool>,

pub struct HashWorkersHandler {
    running: Arc<AtomicBool>,
    handlers: Vec<JoinHandle<()>>,
    workers: Vec<HashWorker>,
    tx_channel: SyncSender<String>,

impl HashWorkersHandler {
    pub fn new(workers_n: i32) -> HashWorkersHandler {
        let mut workers_handlers = vec![];
        let mut workers = vec![];

        let running = Arc::new( AtomicBool::new(true));
        let (sync_tx, sync_rx) = sync_channel(BUFFER_SIZE);
        for i in 0..workers_n {
            let tx_clone = sync_tx.clone();
            let running_clone = running.clone();
            let mut worker = HashWorker::new(i+1, tx_clone, running_clone);
            let handler =;

        let ret = HashWorkersHandler {
            running: running,
            handlers: workers_handlers,
            workers: workers,
            tx_channel: sync_tx,
    pub fn join(self) {
        for h in self.handlers.into_iter() {

impl HashWorker {
    pub fn new(id: i32, tx_channel: SyncSender<String>, running: Arc<AtomicBool>) -> HashWorker {
        HashWorker {
            id: id,
            tx_channel: tx_channel,
            running: running,

    pub fn run(self: &Self) -> JoinHandle<()> {
        let id =;
        let running = self.running.clone();
        let tx_channel = self.tx_channel.clone();

        spawn( move || {
            while running.load( Ordering::Relaxed ) {
                //let uuid = Uuid::new_v4().to_hyphenated();
                let uuid = "hello";
                let hash = sha256::digest(uuid);
                println!("HashWorker {} generated hash {}", id, hash);

                match tx_channel.send(hash) {
                    Ok(msg) => println!("Hashworker {} message sent", id),
                    Err(x) => println!("This error occurred {}",x),
            println!("HashWorker {} finished", id);

Each of the HashWorker threads pushes a message every X ammount of time. Each of these workers contain a copy of the SyncSender.

The issue I'm facing is the workers are unable to send messages because it claims the channels are closed.

I'm guessing how I'm storing the sync_tx in the struct isn't keeping it alive, hence being dropped and the channel closed.

If instead of doing this I create the channel in the main and pass it to the constructor, it works.

My questions are:

  • Why is the sender being dropped?
  • Is there anyway of achieving what I'm intended?

Thanks in advance to any replieas and excuse me if there's any Rust jargon I'm missing

Well what does HashWorker::new do with the channel?

Edit: You don't even use sync_tx anywhere at all. Maybe you mixed up which half goes where?

Sorry code was missing :man_facepalming:

I've edited my post and added what HashWorker does

Okay I found my error. I wasn't storing the Recevier anywhere, therefore it closed the channel

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