Store multiple data types for one identifier in a struct

I have a Struct with an identifier which can have 2 types of input:

  • Another Struct
  • Vec
pub name: String,
pub multi_type: Vec<struct B>    //This could be Vec<Vec<struct B>> as well```

How can I achieve this?

How about an enum?

pub struct A {
    name: String,
    multi_type: Vec<MyEnum>,

enum MyEnum {
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Thanks for your response!
I am getting error for this approach

pub enum C {
pub struct B{
description: String
data: Vec<String>
pub struct A{
name: String
multi_type: Vec<C>

Error: unknown variant description, expected Type1 or Type2

This literal code, after fixing syntax errors, compiles on Playground. What's the code causing errors?

I am trying to get response from web and store it.
let data = response.json::<Vec<A>>()?;

Please post the full error.

Do you get this error on runtime? If so, the raw response text would be helpful, too. But from what I see, you probably want untagged representation of enum.

according to docs I also suggest enums.

struct MyStruct {
  name: String,
  age: u8,

struct SomeStruct {
  login_count: usize,

enum MyEnumForMixedType {
  // ...

struct IHaveAStruct {
mixed_value: MyEnumForMixedType,

fn main() {
let a = MyStruct {
    name: String::from("Ulvi"),
    age: 35_u8,
let b = MyStruct {
    name: String::from("John"),
    age: 37_u8,
let c = MyStruct {
    name: String::from("Mike"),
    age: 32_u8,

let vec_a = vec![a, b, c]; // concreate vector

let d = SomeStruct {  // concreate another struct
    login_count: 75_usize,

let type1 = MyEnumForMixedType::AnotherStruct(d);
let type2 = MyEnumForMixedType::OrAVector(vec_a);

let this_struct_accepts_both = IHaveAStruct { mixed_value: type1 };
let this_struct_accepts_both2 = IHaveAStruct { mixed_value: type2 };

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