Stm32f103 goes into hardfault when branching to main

Hi everyone !
I am posting here because I am working on a small robot written in Rust with some friends.
The last few weeks we have been struggling with an error that we can not figure out... We are using a blue pill with an stm32f103, 20K of ram and 64K of flash.

We have a communication protocol that is implemented as a state machine, with some C in the middle to avoid duplication (the same code is reused in C++ for another part of the robot).
Here is the symptom :

  • If we comment this line everything work fines
  • If we leave it has is, the µ-controller goes into hardfault when we hit this line

This line is "just" matching on the value of a byte and the state of a state machine.

Stepping through the debugger shows this the instruction before crashing

Then we into hardfault, with a strange value for sp (0x1ffe3d50).
I have strictly no idea what could be the problem with this, if someone could help investigate this issue I would be really thankfull.

Thanks for you consideration and have a nice day !

Check your data structure size. As far as I can tell from your code a FrameReader uses more than 64K (256 frames of 256 bytes plus overhead), which is much too large for your stack.

Thanks, I should have checked that before posting...

Anyway it still is strange that it goes into hardfault upon jumping to main and not at initialization.

That's normal, the space on the stack is reserved when a function is entered, by subtracting a constant from the stack pointer. The next access to the stack then causes a fault.

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Thank you for explaining !
So the reason why it doesn't crash without the step call is because the variable is optimized away ?

Yes, I think so.