Stdx updated for Rust 1.18


stdx has been updated to version 0.118.0-rc, corresponding to Rust 1.18.

stdx is a project to identify and validate a set of foundational crates representing the best of the Rust ecosystem. It is currently best viewed as a learning resource.

This release bumps all crates to the latest version, and adds the flate2, tar, and memmap crates.

I am trying again to keep stdx updated every 6 weeks with Rust releases, and vaguely trying to track the libz blitz as well.

There are several easy issues filed to add a few crates to stdx that I feel pretty comfortable about. Help wanted.

Besides keeping stdx updated, another near term goal is to do some exploratory work to figure out how much of the total ecosystem stdx is ‘compatible’ with; the idea being that the more compatibility stdx can promise, the more confident a new user can be that picking a stdx crate is the right choice, and possibly the more cohesive the ecosystem is generally. I’ve sketched some ideas for a tool called stdx-check to work toward that.

I’m also interested in figuring out how to turn stdx into a usable meta-crate, or how to otherwise use stdx to bootstrap new projects, with templates perhaps. @cbreeden has been thinking about this a bit.