Stdx updated for 1.17, seeking maintainers


I’ve updated stdx for Rust 1.17. The current stdx is 0.117.0-rc.

stdx is a project to identify an expanded set of ‘batteries-included’ standard Rust crates.

This release bumps the version numbers of all crates to the most recent release, as well as replaces the json crate with serde_json.

I’d like to keep this project moving, but have found myself unable to keep up basic maintenance. So I am interested in finding other maintainers who are interested in working on stdx, and am prepared to hand over the project to someone else, preferably multiple somebody elses.

My basic near-term objectives for stdx are:

  • Update the crate versions and make new releases every six weeks, corresponding to the Rust release schedule.

  • Expand the crate selection slowly and conservatively, more-or-less tracking the libz blitz

  • Use stdx as a testing tool to validate the interoperability of key ecosystem crates. In particular, I am very interested in empirically discovering a set of compatible ‘foundation’ crates that work across the ecosystem, by e.g. linking stdx into major Rust crates and ensuring that those crates are compatible with stdx. Over time it should be possible to bring a broader and broader selection of the ecosystem into agreement on a common set of foundation crates and their versions.

  • Turning stdx into an actual uber-crate that developers can use directly.