Status of Rust Code Analyzers


I have been using Rust here and there at work and I would like to know from the community what's the status of code analyzers for Rust.

As code analysis here I am meaning tool that help you ensure that your code has no bugs or is correct with respect to a (semi-)formal specification.
That includes static analyzers, model checkers, proof generators, etc. I would like to initate a project to deal with these kind of problems but don't want to reinvent the wheel since I believe Rust is the perfect language to have a lot of support for tools like this and due to the constraints imposed by the language I believe it is also more ameanable to analysis than other existing system languages.

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There's clippy, though I'm not sure if that's what you were looking for since it's basically adding a ton of lints to help catch mistakes.

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The main two projects I've seen mentioned in this area are Electrolysis and RustBelt. They're both fairly new projects, but they've made some pretty significant progress already (at least to my extremely untrained eye).


While there are a lot of publications, there is seem still a lack of the actual implementations yet.

While this post has been resurrected, I'll link this topic.