Starting in rust

Hi I'm a C programmer and I'm starting on rust. Can you indicate project and tutorials?

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The Book.


Learn Rust the Dangerous Way starts with an unsafe-heavy direct port of a C program and gradually makes it mostly safe, and then shows a reimplementation of the program from scratch with no unsafe.



I'm also just starting on Rust.

Right now I am working on the Rustlings beginner course. I got the Rust/WASM "Game of Life working successfully, and started trying some of their exercises, but quickly realized I needed to go back to Rustlings. :grimacing: Nearly done now, but I should add that Learning Rust by Working Through the Rustlings Exercises | has been really helpful, although I've tried not to refer to it until I have achieved my own solution.

Apart from that, I have a little plan...

I was noticing that this page Refactoring Guru: Design Patterns in different programming languages has no Rust version. So creating Rust examples of those design patterns strikes me as an adequately inspiring goal. I thought if I tried my hand at that, I might get a somewhat more motivated mentor at "Awesome Rust Mentors" on GitHub and have a much better chance of creating really good pattern examples that correctly reflect Rust best practices. It's a big job and I'm looking for collaborators as well as a mentor.

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What kinds of things are you interested in doing with Rust?


Hi @cole-miller, answering your question, compilers, virtual machines, users interfaces....

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