Starting An Open Source Project - Join me!

Hi everyone!

My name is Noah, I am a French 18-year-old guy who has been learning Rust for a month or two now, and who's starting to get a few things about it. :grin:

I feel so grateful for what the open source community is doing for the world and I would really like to be part of it. :smiley:

I have always been excited and passionate about hacking and security (pentesting, security, etc...) even though I don't/can't define myself as a hacker yet as I ain't experienced and lack so many skills... but I'm learning!

Anyway that was a pretty long introduction :sweat_smile::joy:

So why am I posting that? Well I would love to collaborate with someone learning Rust on an open source project I named Metalab (that name is not definitive...) which would be a Rust alternative to Metasploit, and fully open source! :wink:

Please if you feel interested, contact me at!

PS: The fact I am French will probably not impair communication: I have spent enough time abroad (1 year in Australia) to be able to express myself in a pretty comfortable way.

Noah :wave:


Have you got a GitHub page?

yes but I use gitea.
My GitHub is @noahpn but join my gitea if you want

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