Start of an article series: "Rust in Detail: Writing Scalable Chat Service from Scratch"


Hi people!

I just have published the first part of upcoming series of articles that will cover the development of a scalable WebSocket server in Rust from scratch.

That’s my first experience in blog posting, so I’m eager to hear some feedback - I’d greatly appreciate your comments on the structure of the text, usefulness of the topic, grammar, etc. - any criticisms are welcome.

I hope that it’s worth reading - and hopefully more parts are to come.


What should I build with Rust?

Am I right in guessing that English is not your first language? You have a few incorrect "the"s - on “memory safety”, “garbage collection”, “Rust”, “borrows”, etc… And there’s a fairly high number of grammatical errors in general.

However, with the exception of grammar, I think it’s a quite good blog post: it’s detailed and does a good job of explaining each step. Keep it up.


Excellent read and structure. Please continue.

One nitpick: for me it was unclear who is target audience for the blogpost (bear in mind, I mostly scrolled through, might be somewhere in the beginning, might missed that). It seams to cover most of basic Rust concepts from the scratch, which I find myself quite awesome. However it would be beneficial to make it explicit and clear that the post is intended to newcomers and will do introduction and cover basic stuff. Some (me included) might get annoyed trying to follow through and basically finding themselves scrolling most of the content :wink:

Having said that, I personally think that Rust community needs more introductory type of content out there. The more, the better. So, once again - excellent introductory post (I find it in style and on the level of steveklabnik’s posts), kudos and please keep-up your Rust blog endeavors.


Exactly. That’s why I’m interested in more comments in the first place - I just wasn’t sure how clear it’s written. Hopefully it’s not a total disaster. :smile: Thank you for pointing errors out - I’ll try to fix these.

Thank you! Yes, TBH I’m still a bit confused about intended audience myself, as I’m trying to strike a balance between very basics and high-level stuff. I guess that the first part is for C/C++ refugees interested in Rust. :slight_smile: Second part should be more interesting for an audience that already have Rust basics covered.

Thanks for the feedback.


Good job! Really nice blog. Looking forward to following entries :thumbsup:


Wow! This is exactly the kind of tutorial I’ve been looking for — I’ve been wanting to try out Rust, and my interests are mostly around networking. I’ve bookmarked the post to read ASAP. Thanks!


I’m halfway through now. The text is very clear! The grammar issues are trivial and don’t get in the way of understanding at all.

The only technical issue I’ve seen is that in the WebSocketServer.ready method, the None case is handled by calling panic!("Accept has returned 'None'"), but in the paragraphs below that explain the code, the snippets show unreachable!() instead.


A small update for Russian speakers: the translation has been published.

The second part in English is coming in about a couple of weeks.


Broken link?


After the quite long break of 4 months, the second part is published now: “Rust in Detail, Part 2: Sending and Receiving Messages”.

I would love to hear your feedback!


Really great articles, I have learnt a great deal from them.