Standard way to name clones for move capture?

In this sort of situation...

let x = Arc::new(foo);
let x_1 = x.clone();
tokio::spawn(async move {
    // something involving `x_1`

I often have a litany of such clones and I have taken to calling them x_1, x_2, etc. depending on how many closures whose appetite for clones I need to satisfy.

At the risk of inviting a bikeshedding, are there good general techniques for avoiding this cruft, and if not, is there a convention for naming and using these extra identifiers?


You can use inner scopes to limit the extent of the clone bindings:

let x = Arc::new(foo);
    let x=x.clone();
    async move {
        // something involving `x`

If there's already a convenient scope, I just shadow it. Otherwise I use integers, i.e. x1, x2 or if I only need one extra name, x_clone.

Thank you both! I like the extra scope idea - I haven't seen that before.

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