Standard Library GUIs


When will we be seeing GUIs in the rust standard library?


The standard library (otherwise known as stdlib), is meant to be the core to run a rust program; a gui library isn’t exactly a core-component to making a rust program. I have a really low expectation that there will be a gui part to stdlib but there are gui crates out there. An interesting topic


I love rust but for it to be widely adopted I think having a GUI system that can produce cross-platform GUIs (Kinda like Java I guess) should be widely adopted since the end users are the people who are using the programs in most cases (and having native cross-platform GUIs make the developers life much easier).


But that’s already included in crates, the standard library isn’t meant to include everything it’s meant to include what is standard and of core importance to rust. Some of the crates in the topic I mentioned are cross-platform, but you’re not going to find something like QT or GTK or .Net WPF in stdlib


Could you show me some of these crates? I’d love to see them.


One that comes to mind, and seems to be very promising is azul, another one is a web-library yew which in a sense is cross platform to any platform with a web browser.


So azul is a native one that works on desktop right?


Well, given some preliminary search results in the repository for ["mac", "linux", "windows"] I would say so, even though I can’t find it in the docs. It is, as I said, promising, and not promised yet; it’s still under development.


Depends on your definition of “native”. As far as I know, it doesn’t use native controls, so I wouldn’t call it native.


azul uses webrender, AFAIK, so it’s not native.

You can read all about GUI libraries in rust here:


What about some crates that’s meant to be drop-in replacements for part of the std modules (e.g. hashbrown for hashmaps)? Would std take some of their ideas and improve?


I don’t know; you’d probably have to ask someone more qualified to answer that or go to
But I think that if there’s something really important to add to stdlib, then chances are they would probably add it as long as it wouldn’t be considered bloating the standard library


It’s being worked on :slightly_smiling_face: