Standard at ITU (United Nations ICT)?

Hello all,

I have been following and using Rust for several years. I came across this (now closed) thread of standardization.

The key objections to a ISO/IEC standard were:

  1. standard not public
  2. standardization process not open / free

ITU is the United Nations Specialized Agency for ICT. ITU-T is the standardization arm. All the standards (ITU-T Recommendations, e.g. X.509, H.264, etc.) are public (except the joint ITU-ISO/IEC ones), and participation in certain (pre-) standardization efforts (e.g. so-called Focus Groups) is free and open.

Governments do consent to ITU-T Recommendations, but they remain voluntary unless individual governments use them in national law, or multiple governments use them in international law.

Would this be of interest to the community? As you can probably tell I work at ITU.

I personally am using Rust to implement a simple FHE library.

I think Rust sorely needs a specification but not a standard.

See also this recent article by the Rust lib-team leader.

Thank you for pointing this out, very interesting post. I reached out to Mara.

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