Stack Overflow teams?


Stack Overflow has a new “Teams” feature in beta. It’s described here:

I thought about registering a rust team but I think the idea is that someone authoritative should create this page. What do you think, gang, should we have a Rust team on SO?

Here’s the link to create a team:


I guess @huon would be the best person to set it up since he’s core team and one of the most prominent Rust answerers on SO

Who do you envision being in this team? Anyone with some contributions to Rust?


I’ve unfortunately scaled back my contributions recently.

People like @shepmaster and @netvl are the mainstays of helping people with Rust on SO. They’re awesome, and especially notable because they’re not (currently) on any of Rust’s subteams. From my reading of the description (e.g. the example questions), these teams seem to be more aimed at people involved in the administration of projects, and it seems unfortunate to give a fancy badge to some knowledgeable people over others, especially others who have put the most time into SO itself.


That was my understanding based on a skim through that post back when teams were originally mentioned. I’ll continue contributing to Stack Overflow regardless of if I am on an official team or not. :wink: