SSL Error while using async_tls


When I tried to use async_tls to establish a TLS connection to a ncat instance (using self signed certificates that I generated), I saw this error from the ncat terminal and the connection just close.

Ncat: Failed SSL connection from error:00000000:lib(0):func(0):reason(0)

I noticed on Wireshark that the program attempts the normal TCP handshake and then followed by FIN-ACK to close the connection. I did not see the TLS protocol being initiated. I followed the code snippet from async_tls' documentation.

	async_std::task::block_on(async {
		let stream = async_std::net::TcpStream::connect("").await?;
    	let async_connector = async_tls::TlsConnector::default();

    	let encrypted_stream = async_connector.connect("",stream).await?;

    	Ok(()) as async_std::io::Result<()>

Could this be related to the certificate not being accepted? I tried looking at async_tls' and rustls' documentation but I did not find options for me to accept self signed certificates or other dangerous options that native_tls has.


I made some changes to my code but I am still seeing the same errors. Can anyone advise on this?

	let mut customroot = rustls::RootCertStore::empty();

	let mut serverpem = File::open("custom_ca.pem")?;
	let mut serverpem = BufReader::new(serverpem);

	let der_formatted = rustls::internal::pemfile::certs(&mut serverpem).unwrap();

	for server_ca in &der_formatted
	let mut clientconfig = rustls::ClientConfig::new();
    clientconfig.enable_sni = false;
    clientconfig.root_store = customroot;

    let async_connector = async_tls::TlsConnector::from(clientconfig);

	let tcp_stream = async_std::net::TcpStream::connect("").await?;
    let encrypted_stream = async_connector.connect("", tcp_stream).await?;

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