Srs - A WebM screen recorder


please tell me if it works! (more importantly, please tell me if it doesn’t work.)


Your quest seems like unix only at the moment. If you’d like, I’ll look into it and add Windows (at least some very basic) support.


yes, please! :slight_smile:

i have three lines on how it might be implemented, but that probably won’t be very useful.


Would be best if you add a LICENSE file and also specify your license in README, especially since you’re accepting contributions.


PR is ready for reviewing! :tada:

Oh, opus and vpx also require Unix or at least mingw/msys. I’ll try to find binaries and link dynamically then.

edit: With some dirty hacks and linking dynamically to libopus-0.dll / libvpx-1.dll it worked for me. Nice! :slight_smile: