Sqlx QueryBuilder push_bind Option to Null

I'm trying to write something similar to the Query Builder separated function, but for where statements, it works fine, except that I thought the builder push_bind function would convert Options to NULL, but that doesn't seem to be the case, I tried to to work around it somehow but it didn't work either. Is there a way to achieve this ?

struct SqlxPushWhere<'qb, 'args: 'qb> {
    start: bool,
    query: &'qb mut QueryBuilder<'args, Sqlite>,

impl<'qb, 'args: 'qb> SqlxPushWhere<'qb, 'args> {
    fn push<T>(&mut self, field: &str, value: T) -> &mut Self
        T: 'args + Type<Sqlite> + Encode<'args, Sqlite> + Send,
        if self.start {
            self.query.push("WHERE ");
            self.start = false;
        } else {
            self.query.push("AND ");

        // Didn't work because is_null returns false
        if value.produces().is_some_and(|t| t.is_null()) {
            self.query.push(format!("{} IS NULL", field));
        } else {
            self.query.push(format!("{} = ", field)).push_bind(value);


fn example() {
    // ...
    let mut where = query.query_where();
    where.push("field_foo", None);