Sqlx + postgres - how to insert a enum value

Can't figure out how to use enums, here's the code:

CREATE TYPE enm AS ENUM ('foo', 'bar');
CREATE TABLE tbl (e enm);
use sqlx::postgres::PgPool;

#[sqlx(rename = "enm", rename_all = "lowercase")]
enum Enm {

async fn main() {
    let db = PgPool::connect("postgres:///sqlx_enum").await.unwrap();
    // error: unsupported type enm for param #1
    sqlx::query!("INSERT INTO tbl VALUES ($1)", Enm::Foo)

Try sqlx::query!("INSERT INTO tbl VALUES ($1)", Enm::Foo as Enm).

For queries returning rows you'd do:

struct Row {
    e: Enm,

    r#"INSERT INTO tbl VALUES ($1) RETURNING e AS "e!: Enm""#,
    Enm::Foo as Enm

This is documented here: sqlx::query - Rust

Although I think the documentation could benefit from an explicit insertion example.

Thank you :slight_smile: Would you say a few words why these type overrides are needed? To my newbie eye they seem completely redundant.

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