SQLx or Tiberius for MSSQL

Hi all, I've used both SQLx and Prisma Tiberius and they are both excellent.

However, Tiberius has mentioned it might fold into SQLx and SQLx has mentioned that it will start charging for commerical software (e.g. MSSQL). I've asked on twitter, GitHub issues and GitHub discussions for more information about SQLx and MSSQL but haven't had a reply.

Does anybody know the future of these two projects?

FWIW, I'm sticking with Tiberius for now as that hasn't failed me, seems actively developed and used in production, and is just a fine library as it is, but SQLx works for more than just MSSQL which is nice as I also use sqlite.

Thoughts/guesses/wild predictions?

Do you have a link for this?

Yes - I should clarify it is only for commercial software: SQLx v0.6 and beyond · Discussion #909 · launchbadge/sqlx · GitHub

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bump? Does anyone have any information on this?

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