Sqlx: How to deserialize an enum value


I started playing with sqlx and ran into an issue which I'm not quite sure how to solve. Here's some example code:

#[derive(Debug, sqlx::FromRow)]
struct Cat {
    name: String,
    state: Status,

#[derive(Debug, PartialEq, Eq)]
enum Status {

// this is what bothers me
impl From<String> for Status {
    fn from(s: String) -> Self {
        match s.as_str() {
            "Hungry" => Status::Hungry,
            "NotHungry" => Status::NotHungry,
            _ => Status::NotHungry

async fn main() {
    let db_pool = sqlx::MySqlPool::connect("mysql://test:test@localhost:3307/testdb").await;
    let pool = match db_pool {
        Ok(pool) => {
        Err(e) => {
            panic!("Error: {:?}", e);

    let x = &pool;
    let result:Result<Vec<Cat>, Error> = sqlx::query_as!(Cat, "SELECT a.name, a.state FROM cats a").fetch_all(x).await;

    let result_set = match result {
        Ok(cats) => cats,
        Err(e) => {
            panic!("Error: {:?}", e);

    result_set.iter().filter(|e| e.state == Status::NotHungry).for_each(|e| println!("{:?}", e));

create table cats
    id    int auto_increment primary key,
    name  varchar(20)                  not null,
    state enum ('Hungry', 'NotHungry') not null

In order for sqlx to deserialize the status value into an enum value I need to implement the From trait. The data type in the DB is also an enum which makes any value not in the Status enum unrepresentable. What is the proper way to create the enum value from the DB row?

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Does this SO answer help you?


I have only started to use sqlx, too.

I have not used enum with sqlx yet. I searched and found this two years old thread: SQLX Mysql Enum decode error #1379. This answer suggests trait FromRow.

The code in the answer seems to imply that a non-match would default to a specific enum?

I hope the thread offers you some suggestions, too.

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Thanks very much!

I changed the query string like this and it works:

let result:Result<Vec<Cat>, Error> = sqlx::query_as!(
        "SELECT \
        a.name, \
        a.state as \"state: Status\" \
        FROM cats a")

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