SQL Server database driver


Is there a Rust database driver for SQL Server available?


Diesel doesn’t have a SQL Server driver, but I’ve been looking for someone with a vested interest to work on one.


I’d like to add another “Yes, please!” to this one too. I have an audit logging app which I’d love to re-write in Rust, but the logs are in Microsoft SQL Server tables so am still using Go for that one…


From quick research into this, the easiest route today would be to put a shim on top of FreeTDS or use one of the ODBC drivers that Microsoft provides. TDS is an old and crufty protocol, but the spec is freely available from Microsoft - see [MS-TDS]: Tabular Data Stream Protocol.


feel free to play around with https://github.com/steffengy/tiberius .
It’s at an very experimental stage though (no windows authentication or prepared statements or full type support currently)


I’m on baby steps in rust yet but I’m on it too.