Splitting string with look-behind assertion? [Regex]


fn main() {
    let s = "a.b\\.c.d";
    println!("{:?}", s.split(".").collect::<Vec<_>>());

This outputs:

["a", "b\\", "c", "d"]

How do i get below output?

["a", "b.c", "d"]

You can check out the regex libraries recommended by BurntSushi on SO for the look-behind functionality: https://stackoverflow.com/a/37973864

I don’t think you need lookbehind here, if you don’t strictly use split.

Thanks @Koray, will check that post. But was hoping that regex would have support for this.

@birkenfeld - i dont have a need to strictly use split. What are the methods to achieve this output?

Something like repeated scanning for ^(|.*?[^\\])\., and shortening the haystack after each match.

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