Specs-0.6 ECS is live

Specs is a natively parallel Entity-Component System (ECS) in Rust.

Version 0.6 has just been published with the following notable changes:

  • new System trait provides a clean way to keep some context for a processing pass of your ECS
  • new Join trait allows iterating over multiple components with full speed. It's convenient and is the most efficient way of traversing entities.
  • dynamically allocated/deleted entities are now seen instantly by the concurrently running systems, thanks to the magic of atomics.
  • large internal refactoring of the Storage type hierarchy. It is now more explicit and clear, especially when implementing new storage types.

Specs is still untouchable in the Rust ECS benchmark. We are hoping to get some numbers from non-ECS implementations for comparison as well.

Currently known users:

  • Amethyst engine is in the process of integrating it
  • Yasteroids are ported and looking hot
  • Want to try it out? Visit our gitter channel for a chat :wink: