SPARQL client in Rust

Hi all,

I am looking for a library or an API abstracting interaction with a SPARQL endpoint. Sophia is an interesting toolkit for RDF, but it does not have that functionality.

Is there anything of the kind out there? Or anyone out there working with SPARQL?

Thank you.

There is oxigraph which is a database with a SPARQL endpoint. There are some projects working on Semantic Web technologies:

  • sophia mainly aims to work as a unifying interface providing basic stuff and traits.
  • oxigraph is a SPARQL endpoint. The maintainer also implemented some parsers that are compatible with sophia.
  • json-ld is an wip(?) implementation of JSON-LD which should also be someway compatible with sophia.

AFAIK all those projects are actively maintained and contributors are highly welcome.

Hi @farnbams, as far as I know none of those projects provide SPARQL client side functionality. Thank you in any case.

Well, oxigraph runs a SPARQL endpoint. While not direct available you may be able to extract it. In any case I recommend filing an issue.

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