Sophia v0.6 the Linked Data toolkit for Rust

A new version of sophia has been published. The crate is a toolkit for working with linked data and RDF. In the past two years, it has grown from a toy project of @pchampin to a quite mature crate.

The aim of sophia is to provide a common API for Semantic Web crates and applications. The story of Rust and the Semantic Web is still young and much is to/can be done. Now with the sophia_api it is your time to start your own project. The foundations are layed. If your interested in parsers, serializers, querying graphs or web frameworks I'm sure you find something for you. Maybe one of sophia's open issues is a good place to start.

At the current time where knowledge graphs become more popular, I think Rust has the chance to get a new selling point with novel, efficient applications in the Semantic Web.


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