Sometimes read, sometimes poll_read, but without async


My project is not async in nature but I can save myself some processing work if I read as much from stdin as possible, act on all input then display all changes together.

what i'd like is something like


the current read seems to wait until either the buf is full, or EOI to return.

I would like to wait until there is something to read, then read everything available and return immediately.

Something like buf[..1]) //this one waits
stdin.try_read(&mut buf[1..]) // this one doesn't

I've already tried converting the entire project to async. while, technically, it solved this issue (really awkwardly) it created many bigger issues.

Is there a function that exists already to do a try/poll read available somewhere?


You could temporarily transition the file descriptor to non-blocking mode and do an ordinary read, but this would involve unsafe platform-specific code, since the standard library doesn't provide a method for this on stdin.

Alternatively you could spawn a separate thread for reading from stdin and communicate with that thread.

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Thanks. This sets me on a path that could be quite interesting,

the following crate looks like it could simplify the unsafeness/multi-OS issues.

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